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Darshan Patel

An experienced portrait/landscape/events photographer in the suburbs of Philly but willing to travel. Locations include PA/NJ/NY/DE. Even if the location is far, we can arrange to meet halfway. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for stumbling across my page and taking time to peruse through my passion. I am a recent graduate from Temple University with a BBA in Business Administration. At first I picked up photography to help stave off boredom from work. But then I found that I really liked the way pictures can tell a story and when clients body language was able to reveal truths they sometimes hid from themselves. Thus, I found my calling and photography turned from a hobby into a passion. While you may stumble across many photography pages sometimes offering cheaper prices, or better shots, I can guarantee you that my main goal is not only to capture a smile or a good feeling. It is to capture the true essence of my subject that will evoke feelings for years to come.